Mara Engai Foundation

Foundation and Community Belief

Just as the local environment plays a central role in the Mara Engai experience, so too is the local community of vital concern to Masai Mara Wilderness Lodge Limited. Over 75% of our employees are recruited and trained from the local community. We have built a local clinic, which acts as a triage facility, daycare centre, pediatric unit and dispensary – the only one of its kind for more than 30 km. We have also constructed a school and made substantial contributions towards two more in the area.

Eager to enable visitors to give something back to a region that offers them so much, we have set up the Mara Engai Foundation. Separate from the travel business, the foundation is run by a panel of community elders. Guests can get involved with schemes such as farming projects, women’s programs or wildlife conservation. They can talk to the foundation, whose members can provide them with information and guidance, whether they want to offer money, time or expertise.

local maasai children

Help build the Mara Engai Foundation

If you would like to help support the Mara Foundation to continue serving the community and wildlife of the Maasai Mara and to see the latest updates and developments,
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At Mara Engai lodge, we are striving to keep the Mara Triangle and the surrounding areas as pristine as possible. The unique 6x6 Pingauer Vehicles used for Game drives by the lodge tread lightly and are less likely to churn up the savannah of the Masai Mara.

The lodge works closely with the Mara Conservancy to ensure that all that the Mara Triangle offers whether Flora or Fauna - from elephant to beetle, will be there for all in the future.

black rhino
maasai in forest