Masai Mara game drives with Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge


Unique to Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge are our Pinzgauer vehicles which offer a whole new experience when it comes to game drives. Along with our exceptionally highly trained and experienced guides you will be sure to see the very best Game that the Mara Triangle and Masai Mara have to offer. Game drives are scheduled twice a day but there is also flexibility during peak Migration to stay out all day so you are sure to catch nature’s greatest show in earth.

Walking Safaris with Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge


Or “Bush Walks” as they are often referred to will usually identify tracks; highlight interesting insects; talk about fascinating plants; and discuss the ecosystem in general. It’s a great way to appreciate the smaller wildlife, which can’t be so easily seen from a vehicle, as well as to experience the excitement of being out with the big game.

Hot Air Balloon ride over the Masai Mara


For those looking for a wildlife viewing adventure of a different kind we offer Hot Air Balloon Safaris over the Masai Mara. The adventure begins just before dawn so that you can experience the first pink and orange tones of the rising sun. Watch in owe as the mighty balloon fills, climb inside the basket and you are off on a wildlife viewing like no other.

Bush Breakfast overlooking the Masai Mara


Not many experiences are more memorable, or as typically Kenyan, as breakfast in the bush. Setting off first you enjoy a fascinating game drive into the bush where, at one of our specially chosen breakfast sites, a full English breakfast will be cooked before you. Enjoy a glass of chilled ‘buck’s fizz’ while you savour the experience.

The Maasai Experience at Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge


Just outside Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge is a small settlement of a traditional Maasai community. A traditional Maasai homestead is known as a “Manyatta”. We encourage clients to visit this Manyatta if they are interested in Maasai culture and would like to experience a way of life unchanged for centuries.

Bush Picnic in the Masai Mara with Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge


At Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge we want you to get the most out of your safari experience. So on longer days out so that more ground can be covered across the Masai Mara we will set you off with a feast of a picnic with table and chairs so that your game viewing is uninterrupted.

Thrilling Game Drives in the Masai Mara with Mara Engai Wilderness Lodge